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Antonija Pek. Product Designer at Wolt.

Empowering people with digital human-friendly experiences

Antonija Pek

Work History

My first paid job was when I was a teen, that was over 15 years ago. In meantime I had a privilege to work with small companies, startups, unicorns across two countries.

Corner for recruiters

Want to see if we're a match made in design heaven – fast? Meet me through my Youtube, or download my resume, or check my Linkedin.

... and older roles you can see on my Linkedin.


I love what Figma did for designers worldwide and because I enjoy it so much I created a video course for beginners and a couple of useful plugins. Check them out.

What else besides design?

As a passionate hobby photographer, I've built a photography portfolio showcasing my work with my trusted companion, Sony A7IV. My love for creating extends beyond photography, as I am also a content creator on both YouTube and as the host of the Design Party podcast. When I'm not behind a computer screen, you can find me staying active through running and weightlifting at the gym.


As a creative professional, I have a passion for sharing my design expertise through my favorite hobby - creating engaging and educational YouTube videos. Focusing mainly on Figma and design tutorials, I strive to educate and inspire others in the field. I believe in the power of knowledge sharing, and I'm dedicated to spreading my love for design through my videos.


I am a host and editor of the Design Party podcast, which has grown over the years into a team of three. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in product design, offering a wealth of information and inspiration. While I am proud of the content we have created, I believe that the true value lies in our listeners and the design community as a whole. If you're interested in learning more, you can listen to all of our episodes on Anchor or visit our podcast website.